Anti Damp Paint – Damp Proofing Paint for Damp Walls

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Protecting your walls from dampness is vital for the life of your property. Moisture can lead to mould build-up and in turn, damaged drywall that needs replacing and even cracks in the foundation. Using an anti-damp paint is one good way to cut down on the dampness you may see especially along corners of walls and in dark areas where mould may be a danger.

One good aspect of using damp proofing paint is that it comes in the same colours as other paints so you don’t need to give up style for function in your home or business. The right paint for damp walls also goes on just as smoothly; most cannot even tell that it’s an anti damp paint by sight or touch. It is not particularly industrial looking and will not detract from your overall style. You can then use damp wall paint in your home, basement, or office and know that your space will look just as presentable as if you had used regular paint.

To prepare your space for damp paint, consider the following.

Tips for Using Damp Proof Paint

You need to prepare your surface as you would when painting any space. If your space already has mould growth, you need to scrub this with a light detergent and warm water, and then use a space heater to dry it before you paint. When there is mould build-up in walls, it’s also good to have a contractor look behind the walls to assess the damage. If there is mould build-up behind walls, the drywall and even the studs of the building may need to be replaced. In some cases the mould is simply on the outside, such as in very damp areas or tropical spaces, but it’s good to have this assessed before you paint.

Finding Damp Proof Paint Online

As with all types of paint, you want paint for damp walls according to the surface. If you’re painting a basement with exposed brick, you need paint for brick surfaces which is different than drywall paint. While colours are typically very true with anti damp paint, you may need two coats, and this will give your walls added protection against moisture. Shopping online will give you the best choices for colours and styles.

Choose the best tools for your anti damp job as well; rollers with thick nap are meant for surfaces with lots of nooks and crannies, such as that exposed brick. Edge brushes will keep you from spilling around edges and make your paint job look polished and professional; these too can be purchased online quickly and easily.

What is Anti Damp Paint

The materials used to make anti damp paint help to keep moisture from building up along walls. It has special moisture block elements that are not found in most other paints, which is why mould build-up is unfortunately too common in many buildings.

When painting over damp areas, you may need to consider other helps for keeping your area dry and manageable, and safe for your walls. A dehumidifier is good for many areas, and a sump pump can help in basements that are prone to flooding. Use a damp seal paint in all areas of the home that are prone to dampness, not just in the basement or areas where you’ve noticed mould build-up. Using paint for damp walls is also good in the bathroom even if you use an exhaust fan or keep windows open during showering. Everything you can do to eliminate excess moisture in your home will help your damp wall paint to work better.