Buy Johnstones Damp Proof Paint for Internal Walls

damp proofing paint

Using a damp proof paint will allow you to protect your internal walls from moisture build-up and condensation, which in turn protects your home from mould and other damage. This is one of the best ways homeowners and property owners can protect their property and avoid costly repair and restoration bills down the road.

What is Damp Proof Paint

Because paint is a liquid when adhered, it often holds moisture when there is an excess in the air. Damp proof paint is made of different materials that dry to a harder finish than normal paint, so it’s less porous and therefore less likely to hold moisture and hydration. Because it does not provide a hospitable environment for moisture, you’re less likely to have a problem with dampness with you choose damp proof paint for internal walls. It provides a barrier between moisture in the air and the materials of your home so that drywall and wood are protected from moisture and mould. This is also one of the easiest and most economical ways to protect against moisture build-up in the home.

Preparing Walls for Damp Proof Paint

If you already have mould build-up, you need to clean this thoroughly and allow it to dry before you paint. Use a space heater to dry your walls quickly when you’re ready to apply damp proof paint for internal walls. You cannot apply this paint over mould as this will mean an uneven surface and poor paint job, and will also allow the mould to grow behind the walls. As with typical painting, sand and clean your wall surfaces so they’re smooth and ready for paint. If you notice excessive mould growth, call a contractor to check the walls of your home and ensure you don’t have mould behind the drywall.

Finding the Cheapest Johnstones Damp Proof Paint Online

To find the best choice for Johnstones damp proof paint, check online. Their anti-condensation paint in brilliant white can be used under other colours protection against condensation and for providing a barrier between moisture and your drywall. Johnstones Damp Proof paint is also good for use in the kitchen and bathroom and basement areas where you may have added moisture in the air from everyday household use. Any of the Johnstones line of anti damp and anti condensation paints will work well to protect your home and your building.