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Leak Detection and Damp Surveyors / Proofing Companies In London

If you feel you have rising damp in your home or business, you need the best damp proofing companies in London to assist. A damp survey in London should be thorough and complete and find the cause of rising damp or condensation. The right damp specialist in London will ensure your home or property is protected and that you avoid costly repairs down the road. Damp and condensation can cause mould build-up which in turn can literally eat away at your home’s building materials. This build-up can cost thousands to repair and can also be very hazardous to your health. This is why London damp proofing is so important when you suspect any type of damp or excess hydration and condensation in the home.

Why Does London Suffer Badly From Damp and Water Leak Problems?

One reason that it’s often damp in London is that the weather is very humid and there is lots of rain, year-round. This causes excess moisture and condensation in homes, which is why you may need damp surveyors in London no matter your location or type of property. When the weather is humid and damp, your home will be humid and damp. A lack of sunlight also means that hydration in the air is not dried up as it would be in other areas.

Many homes and businesses are also very old and suffer from leaking pipes as well as a lack of insulation against damp that comes in through foundations as well as through old windows with poor seals. Older plumbing may mean poor connections and foundations that hundreds of years old may start to crack and develop leaks which will allow damp to build up in a home.

London’s Leading Damp Specialists

London Damp Specialists is one of London’s leading damp proofing and surveying companies. Based in London as well as the Surrey/Kent areas, they will provide you with a complete inspection to find the cause of your damp and condensation and give you a quote on the work needed. Contact them at 07984 712 428, or 020 8401 1300, or visit them online at http://www.southlondondampproofing.com/.

Damp Proofing London is another company to consider. They provide services against damp proofing, rising damp, condensation, water leaks, and rotting wood. They guarantee their work and can provide many testimonials from satisfied customers. Contact them at 077 0908 4010 or 020 8378 0089, or visit their website at http://www.dampproofinglondon.co.uk/index.html.

London’s Leading Water Leak Detection Company

ADI Leak Detection is London’s leading provider of leak detection services. Rising damp is often caused by leaking pipes and water leakage through basement or cellar walls, and this should be addressed quickly. For the best damp specialist in London, call on ADI. Their thermal imaging and snake cameras or thermograph images will help to pinpoint the cause of leaks and keep them capped off, and can also tell you if you have damage to building materials behind walls. Visit their website at http://adileakdetectionlondon.co.uk/ or call them at 0800 731 3843.

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Kenwood Damp Proofing PLC – the UK’s Leading Damp Proofing Company

When you need damp proofing in your home, you need a company you can rely on and one you can trust. Their work should be second to none and they should stand behind that work, giving you a guarantee that it will last for years and that they’ve done a complete job in order to protect your property.

Kenwood Damp Proofing PLC is one of the UK’s leading providers of damp proofing services and materials. They provide waterproofing, damp proofing, condensation and wood rot protection and service over 20,000 customers every single year. They are a Chartered Building Company, PCA / BWPDA members and ISO9001 Quality Assured, so you know they stand behind their work and that it will be of the highest quality.

Kenwood PLC operates throughout London and the Home Counties, and services residential as well as commercial clients. They can assist with rising damp in cellars and basements or condensation problems along double glazed windows, and all other service calls needed to keep your property secure and protected. Kenwoods Damp will perform a thorough inspection of your property and find the source of water leaks or of condensation issues and ensure that these problems are treated at the source.

When you’re ready to address the damp problems in your home or your commercial building, call Kenwood Damp before it’s too late. Mould and mildew can damage your building materials and cost you thousands in repair bills. Kenwood Damp PLC will stop the damage and repair your property quickly and easily and ensure that you and your family are protected from mould and wood rot, and other dangers associated with damp and condensation. When you want the best damp proofing services in the UK, you want Kenwood Damp PLC.

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Damp Co – Damp Proofing company serving Coventry, Leicester, Northampton

Dampco is a family owned and operated business that was established over three generations ago, opening its doors in 1968.  They are a large private damp and timber treatment company from the UK and members of the Property Care Association.  Reliability, quality, and integrity are the values they adhere to.  The individualised services damp co provides include damp proofing, cellar conversion and basement, tanking and condensation, rot, wet rot, and wood worm treatment.  They make use of advanced technologies and provide effective, less invasive techniques to deliver the best possible services.  Timber preservation and wine cellar creation are a couple of examples of other services Damp Co can offer.  As a BWPDA member and an IS 9001 entrusted firm you can rest assured that their practises are up to and even above par.

The expert repairs, enhancements, and inspections offered by Dampco are readily available to those residing in and around Kettering, Leamington Spa, Wellingborough, Daventry, Stratford upon Avon, Northampton, Coalville Leicester, Hinckley, Nuneaton, Market Harborough, Birmingham, Coventry, and Rugby.

Dampco’s reputation is what has made them a strong leader in their business.  Through decades of providing topnotch service to every clientele it means that you can trust that the assistance you are receiving is the best available.  They provide a detailed all-inclusive evaluation to you free of charge so there are no questions about what it is that may need to be done to solve the problem you are having.  Damp, penetrating damp, and rising damp are all problems Dampco can get rid of properly, effectively and in a timely manner.  They can further prevent damp problems from haunting you and your home or business to begin with.  Damp CO further offers an insurance backed 30 year guarantee for all of their work.

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Cathedral Damp – Rogue Traders

Most damp testing and water leak detection services will do everything they can to help homeowners and business owners protect their property against moisture build-up and potential mould damage and growth. Others, however, need a measure of caution.

Cathedral Damp has been placed on the BBC1 Rogue Traders show because of questionable business practices. While each homeowner needs to make a decision for themselves as to the companies they may hire for work around their home, their appearance on Rogue Traders should be considered.

Rogue Traders set up many homes with actors and actresses playing the part of homeowners; these homes were first tested by qualified contractors as to levels of dampness or potential water leaks. The actors in question then called Cathedral Damp about checking various areas of the home for musty smells and furniture treatment. During each call, it was found that Cathedral Damp did inaccurate or incomplete testing and quoted homeowners for work that was not needed, and which was not called for according to the tests they did conduct.

Rogue Traders decided to add Cathedral Damp to their program after a homeowner, Manjula, successfully sued the company in small claims court; she was awarded over a thousand pounds in damages when Cathedral Damp did not show up for the court date. Even with the judgment in place, Cathedral Damp has yet to pay Manjula or answer her inquiries.

Cathedral Damp says they have thousands of satisfied customers and did give the “homeowners” on Rogue Traders with the good advice of making up their own mind about the work they want to have done. However, with so many concerns about their work and their quotes and business products, homeowners would also do well to exercise some cautions about choosing Cathedral Damp for their water leak and damp detection.

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British Damp Proofing – a Midlands Based Damp Proofing Company

British Damp Proofing, established in 1970, is one of the UK’s leading providers of damp proofing and leak detection services. With offices in Alford, Doncaster, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Peterborough, Boston, Lincoln, and Hull, you’re sure to find they’re the best to call no matter your damp proofing and leak detection needs.

No subcontractors are used with British Damp Proofing; all their workforce is highly trained and committed to doing the best job for your home or office. As a member of the Institute of Specialist Surveyors & Engineers, or ISSE, and with ISO 9001:2008 Registration, quality and value is assured with every job they take. Their Head Remedial Consultant is a long standing member and a Fellow of the ISSE, they are accredited to CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme), a government organisation to promote good health & safety practice, and are registered members of Constructionline (UK Register of Pre-qualified Construction Services).

Remedial Consultants are for British Damp Proofing are all trained to C.S.R.T (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment); installation teams are members of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and are Criminal Records Bureau background checked. Installation teams are required to pass both written and practical exams in PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association).

British Damp Proofing will ensure your property is protected from leaks and dangerous moisture no matter the age of the building and no matter the construction materials. They are committed to British products and to the environment; all materials and chemicals used are manufactured to the highest Building Research Establishment standards and all are the least damaging to the environment available. They also have established policies on the hazardous materials, equality, safety, and customer care, equal opportunities, asbestos handling, and harassment in their workforce. To find out more, visit their website.

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