Damp Proof Tanking Guide Of Walls Including the Best Tanking Membrane

What is Tanking

Tanking is another form of water proofing that puts a barrier up in attempting to block a structure.  Tanking walls, if done correctly, should keep all of your interior space dry.  For the most part, tanking is used to refer to barrier protection.  Tanking is how people water proof damp spaces including cellars and storerooms.  Tanking, in conclusion, is very important to the sealing and protection of a building’s walls and floors.  Most substances that are used as a wall or floor are not water proof and there are no second chances, so it is important that you fully complete tanking the first time.  Paying attention to detail is important to ensure that the building is water proof.  The last thing you want is a mould filled building that is no longer safe because the walls and floors were not water proof enough.  Read below for more information on where to find tanking supplies.

What is Tanking Membrane and Where to Buy It

Tanking membrane can be bought on amazon or other sites that sell similar products.  When you buy aqua seal waterproof tanking you’ll see how easy to use it is.  It can be used in basements, on floors and walls near a shower, wet zones and in wet rooms.  This product is not hazardous and is solvent free.  It can be used on its own in many situations, and can be bought at an affordable price.  It is important to do your research and know what you are buying.  Customer reviews can also help make the right choice easier to make.

What is Damp Proof Tanking and Where to Buy It

Damp proof tanking is another form of a barrier to keep water from rising through your floors or walls.  You can buy different types of damp tanking brands off of amazon or a local department store.  You can use these high quality damp tanking products to treat the cause of the damp and re-plaster damaged areas.  Be sure to fully understand the product you are getting and how to use it as mistakes can end up being very costly.

Tanking Walls Best Practices

The best way to practise tanking walls is to find an instruction guide, buy the supplies and do the work yourself.  Tanking is one of the harder parts of waterproofing.  There is external tanking, internal tanking, vertical tanking and horizontal tanking.  All of these techniques are best practised by doing hands on work.  Many construction workers admit that one of the leading problems when building is that the water proofing is done incorrectly.  So, it is important if you want to go into the construction business that you work on tanking before you start.  Any boss will be very happy to know that you took the time to practise tanking before applying for the job.  This shows great determination and an eagerness to learn.

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