Cathedral Damp – Rogue Traders

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Most damp testing and water leak detection services will do everything they can to help homeowners and business owners protect their property against moisture build-up and potential mould damage and growth. Others, however, need a measure of caution.

Cathedral Damp has been placed on the BBC1 Rogue Traders show because of questionable business practices. While each homeowner needs to make a decision for themselves as to the companies they may hire for work around their home, their appearance on Rogue Traders should be considered.

Rogue Traders set up many homes with actors and actresses playing the part of homeowners; these homes were first tested by qualified contractors as to levels of dampness or potential water leaks. The actors in question then called Cathedral Damp about checking various areas of the home for musty smells and furniture treatment. During each call, it was found that Cathedral Damp did inaccurate or incomplete testing and quoted homeowners for work that was not needed, and which was not called for according to the tests they did conduct.

Rogue Traders decided to add Cathedral Damp to their program after a homeowner, Manjula, successfully sued the company in small claims court; she was awarded over a thousand pounds in damages when Cathedral Damp did not show up for the court date. Even with the judgment in place, Cathedral Damp has yet to pay Manjula or answer her inquiries.

Cathedral Damp says they have thousands of satisfied customers and did give the “homeowners” on Rogue Traders with the good advice of making up their own mind about the work they want to have done. However, with so many concerns about their work and their quotes and business products, homeowners would also do well to exercise some cautions about choosing Cathedral Damp for their water leak and damp detection.