Central Heating Leak Detection Services to Locate Water Leakages & Repair Leaking Pipes

central heating leak detection

If you have leaking pipes or water leakage for any reason, it’s imperative you get central heating leak detection services as soon as possible. Water leaks, condensation, and moisture build-up can lead to mould damage and damage to your drywall and other building materials, and even to your foundation. You can use equipment at home to detect water leakage or you may need to call professionals to inspect your property and then perform fixes.

Hiring a Professional

Equipment you use at home to detect leaks will often alert to potential flooding in areas around your major appliances such as the furnace or hot water heater. These can also be used in the bath to avoid an overflow in the tub. When alerted, it’s best to call a professional to find the source of the leak and to address it properly. Some leaks can be fixed easily with little disruption to your structure but others may involve removing and replacing many pipes behind the wall. It may also require cleanup of mould that has already formed or replacing drywall that is already damaged; these jobs are best left to professionals once a leak has been spotted or detected.

Best Professionals to Call

The UK has many central heating leak detection services; consider ADI Leak Detection for your leak detection needs. They use state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras to find leaks at their source, with minimal to no damage done to walls and other materials. Snake cameras and moisture detectors also help them to pinpoint the source of leaks quickly and easily. Acoustic leak detectors are also used in larger and harder to reach spaces.

Leak Detection Specialists is also one of the leading water leakage detectors and repair services in the UK. LDS also uses thermal imaging to find leaks behind walls and under floors so there is minimal disruption to your property. Correlators are also uses; these track sound behind walls and around pipes which will pinpoint the source of a leak. Tracer gas is also used; this is a very safe gas that will combine with the water around a leak and then escape in the air, allowing the technician to find the leak by tracking the gas itself. All of these methods make leak detection the easiest and safest it can be so that your home and property are protected as leaks are capped off quickly and conveniently.