Damp Course Injection, Membrane, & Treatment Costs

diy damp proofing

Damp proofing is the term used in construction for a type of waterproofing applied to the exterior of buildings in order to prevent water from getting to the interior of the building.  Damp proofing is an excellent solution to a horrible problem, and can help in solving problems with rising damp and help prevent new problems from arising.

Types of Damp Course Solutions

Rising damp describes the action of moisture moving from the ground into the walls and floors of buildings.  Rising damp is often misdiagnosed and can become a huge problem for homes and businesses alike. There are many solutions to a damp course if the rising damp problem is found out in time.  One solution for fixing damp courses is to isolate the vulnerable materials in a building, such as interior finishes and timber from damp fabric.  Another solution to rising damp may be to lower features such as a patio or flowerbed below the damp line, allowing for more moisture to escape without ruining your home or business. The third and most effective solution for a large rising damp problem is to damp proof your home or business, or inject chemicals to waterproof the base of the building.  Damp course treatment is the most practical for long-term success.

What is a Chemical Damp Proof Course?

A chemical damp course is one type of the damp proof courses that you can choose.  A chemical damp proof course is liquid and is therefore a less invasive project than inserting a solid damp course.  A chemical damp proof course membrane is also much more practical because it is inserted by injection, and does not cause any long term effects to the property.  A chemical damp proof course involves injecting a silicon-based liquid into the ground around a building.  This silicon layer acts as a waterproof barrier between any moisture and the building.  One downside to a chemical damp proof course is that the liquid may not spread out evenly underground, causing some areas to be more protected from moisture than others.  Chemical damp proof courses are much easier to install than solid however, and require a very little amount of tools.

Damp Course Costs in the UK

Rising damp is a problem that often goes untreated for several years, causing the problem to escalate and become a lot worse than it was originally. The damp course cost can be very expensive, but it is important to remember that by leaving the problem untreated for a long length of time the problem will become worse and therefore more expensive.  Damp proof course injection treatments in London can cost anywhere from £20 to £30.  Damp proof courses can be expensive but in the end can save you from any further costs of damage.

Is a DIY Damp Course the Solution For You?

To avoid the cost of typical damp courses, many people opt for a DIY damp course, or a do it yourself course.  With the technology and tools involved in creating a damp course, it is easy to create one yourself for just a fraction of the cost of a big company coming in and doing it for you.  This is advised against because many times people create sloppy damp courses, causing them to have very little protection against moisture.  Most of the time DIY damp courses cause people to need to get an actual damp course installed later on, resulting in more time and money.  If installed properly however, DIY damp coursing can be cost efficient and can solve your problem.  For information on how to create your own DIY damp course, steps can be found online.