Damp Health Risks – Diseases, Bugs, and Mites

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Especially in old homes and buildings, extra and unwanted moisture can creep into the house, causing many harmful side effects to residents within the building.  Damp health risks include developing diseases, your home being infested with mites, and unwanted bugs crawling around the house.  Damp buildings can cause a vast amount of health issues.

Damp Spores

Damp spores are one side effect of having a damp home.  These spores, otherwise known as mould, grow on the inside of the home and can cause serious health effects for those living within the home.  The respiratory system is the main system of the body that is affected by these damp spores.  People within the building breathe in these moulds caused by the dampness and in this way the moulds are able to affect their breathing, therefore affecting everyday tasks performed by these people.  Other effects of these spores are constant headaches, red eyes, sneezing, and constant coughing.  If a person in the infected building is asthmatic, the damp spores can be especially harmful in that they can cause asthma attacks to occur on a regular basis due to the moulds getting into their respiratory system.

Damping Off Disease

Another effect of having a damp home is damping off diseases.  Damping off diseases are ailments that are caused by a fungus that can kill seeds or seedlings either before or after they germinate.  There are many different types of damping off diseases including black root rot and miscellaneous fungi.  These damping off diseases are caused by excess moisture around the area of growth, and cause rotting of plants.  Damping off disease has caused massive loss of crops and can potentially cause minor famines of certain crops if the problem is not taken care of.  These diseases also cause certain moulds to grow around crops and flowers if it becomes an ongoing problem.  Living things that are exposed to these damping off diseases are also harmfully affected.

Damp Bugs

Damp homes can also attract some unwanted visitors if the problem is left unattended for long enough.  Damp bugs are bugs which are attracted to damp homes, or homes which are rich in moisture.  Especially in older homes and in basements of older buildings, bugs have been known to crawl around places where moisture has become a problem.  These bugs are not only gross, but many can carry certain diseases which can affect the members of the household, or the people within the building.  Bugs in the home can also affect people with allergies if they come into close contact with them.  Unless this problem is taken care of, the bug problem can become a major infestation.

Damp Mites

One of the last major effects of a damp mould is a damp mite.  Mites are small organisms which are sometimes bug-like.  These small organisms can bite and infect humans with different types of harmful diseases.  These damp mites come around as a result of excess and unwanted moisture in the house.  As with most organisms, people with allergies are at an especially high risk from these damp mites.  Unless the problem is handled quickly and efficiently, dust mites can spread all over the home.