Damp Proof Cream – How to Treat & Remove Damp with Damp Proof Creams

damp proofing

Damp proofing is the term used to describe implementing a waterproofing layer, or membrane, in between the ground and the foundation of a house or building.  This membrane results in keeping moisture out of the home’s walls and floors in order to prevent damage to the house and unwanted illnesses due to excess moisture.  Excess moisture in the home can cause moulds to grow, bugs to congregate around the moisture area, and mites.  Damp proofing is effective in saving homes from any further damage, and actually making the home a safer and much healthier place to live in.  Although there are many options to choose from when it comes to how to treat damp areas in the home, damp proofing is the most effective and safest way to reduce the moisture in homes and buildings.

What is Damp Proof Cream?

There are many methods to choose from when you finally decide on damp proofing your home or building.  One of the methods that you can choose is called chemical damp proofing, which involves using liquid to form the membrane between the earth and the foundation of the home or building.  Another form is called solid damp proofing, which involves actually putting a layer in the ground to separate the two and keeping the moisture out of the floors and walls.  Both of these methods however, are very extensive and can be very expensive depending on the severity of the damp damage that has been done.  The longer the problem goes unnoticed, the higher the cost for these methods.  One method therefore that people have turned to is damp proof cream.  Damp proof cream is cream that is injected into the ground under the foundation through pre-drilled holes.  This damp proofing cream is cost efficient and effective in removing damp areas from the home.

How to Treat Damp With and Use Damp Proofing Cream

Damp proofing cream can be applied to homes in various ways.  One of the most popular ways to apply damp proofing cream is to inject the cream using a type of damp proofing gun into pre-drilled holes under the foundation of the house.  These injections are to be given on a regular basis and can significantly improve the moisture problem in your home, creating a layer under the foundation and keeping the moisture out of the floors and walls of the home.  Damp proof cream is the least expensive method of damp proofing and has provided proven results to customers.