Damp Proof Injection (DPC Injection) & Creams Explained

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If you are a home owner that needs damp proofing done to your home but are not sure what the difference is between all of the cream options, you have come to the right place.  We will explain what a damp proof injection is and fill you in on which creams are the best.

What is a DPC Injection?

A DPC injection is a very easy way to repair rising damp in the walls of your home or business.  You can either call in the professionals to do the damp injection, or you can do it yourself.  Either way, if it is your house that is damaged, it is important that you understand what a damp injection is.  A DPC injection is done by drilling a hole in the damaged area, cleaning out all of the dust and filling the hole with the DPC injection cream.

How Does a Damp Proof Injection Work?

How does a damp course injection work?  These injections, if done correctly, work by using a water repellent made of silicone resin to fill the porous areas along a length of masonry wall.  They work by neutralising the charge of attraction of the masonry holes to water molecules. These modern creams are no longer made with a thickening agent because the creams are now thickened in a more effective way. The DPC injection cream is now being stiffened which then forms a 100% active damp proof treatment that moves great along the host during damp conditions.

Where to Buy Damp Course Injection Cream

You do not need to call in the professionals to get this DPC cream.  You can buy kits online at amazon or you can look in a local department store.  When you buy a kit, it will come with all of the tools you need to fix the problem successfully and at an affordable price. The kits are very easy to use, and if you have any questions most of them can be answered by using an online search engine.  Searching online is a great way to get fast answers.  There are many different kits available also, so you should read reviews on the different kits as well to see which work best and which ones have the highest ratings.  Damp proofing by damp injection is not cheap, so you do not want to have to do the damp proofing over again.