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When you need to damp proof your home, you want to use only damp proofing specialists.  Large fixes are often difficult to handle on your own, as a homeowner, and often require more than just cleanup and a paint job.  Consider the following.

Why Use a Damp Proofing Association Registered Company?

Damp proofing means more than just adding a few coats of anti damp paint to a basement or exterior foundation walls.  The right damp proofing specialists should survey your property and pinpoint areas of dampness and then offer the right solutions for your home, including moisture barriers and other specialized materials that discourage condensation from forming.  These barriers need to be installed behind your home, and an inspection for mould and other damage should be performed before installation.

The Damp Proofing Association has a code of conduct for their members and quickly handles complaints and concerns over their business practices, so you know you’re hiring the best professional when you choose one associated with the Damp Proofing Association.  Their members need to be specially trained in all areas of damp proofing and construction overall so as to perform only the best fixes that are necessary and that will address your home’s needs for anti damp and anti condensation.

Nationwide Damp Proofing Specialists

While each homeowner and business owner needs to make their own decision about the best damp proofing specialists they’ll use for their property, consider two companies that are members of the Damp Proofing Association in the UK.

Life Cote Group

Second Floor

145-157 St John Street



Phone: 0800 043 2096

Email: info@dampproofingnationwide.com

Abbott Damp Proofing


27 Gresham Close, Enfield. EN2 7AP

1000 North Circular Road, London. NW2 7JP

Phone:  0800 328 7080

Email:  enquiries@abbottdampproofing.co.uk