DampRid – Treatments Used by Damp Specialists

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If you have damp in your home, you may want to call on a damp specialist to find the source of the problem, or you may first want to try DampRid products to reduce moisture and humidity in the air.

DampRid – a Leading Damp Solution Product Manufacturer

DampRid specializes in products that absorb moisture from the air around them, so that your home is more comfortable and you are less likely to see condensation on the walls.  Many damp specialists recommend DampRid products especially in areas such as closets, bathrooms or cellars.  Excess moisture in closest can ruin clothes and create a musty smell, and moisture in cellars can cause condensation along walls that may lead to mould build-up and other serious problems.  Using DampRid products in the bath will not allow steam from the showers to collect along baseboards or on the walls where it may damage the drywall and floor boards.

Types of Damp Treatments From DampRid

Once you start shopping for DampRid products you may notice may solutions offered and it’s best to simply choose one according to the area of the home in which you have damp.  A hanging moisture and odour absorber is good for closets as this can be placed easily on the closet bar and will help your clothes to stay fresh-smelling.  Larger tubs of DampRid moisture absorbers may be used in basements or cellars where you need to absorb a large amount of moisture and humidity.

Many DampRid products are refillable and have crystals that absorb moisture.  The crystals dissolve as they absorb liquid, and then can be flushed in the toilet.  These are most economical and work in all areas of the home.

DIY Damp Treatment Using Specialty Products From DampRid

DampRid’s Easy-Fill System Large Room Moisture Absorber (FG90) is one of the best choices for all-over moisture control.  This is one recommended by many damp specialists.  Because it’s refillable it’s also economical and easy to use; simply empty the pouch when it reaches the full line and toss the pouch in the trash, then fill the container with a new pouch of absorbent materials.

The Hanging Moisture Absorbed with Cedar Fragrance (FG80FC) is also good for closets, as the cedar scent keeps clothes smelling their best and also helps to eliminate the problem of moths and other pests.  This will also keep your clothes from smelling musty.