Flat Roof Leak Detection and Repairs – Avoid Shady Companies

roof leak detection

A roof leak is nothing to ignore; water leaks can cause mould build-up and damage your drywall, floorboards, and other building materials.  While you want to handle a flat roof leak as soon as possible you also want to know you’re calling the best company around.  Shady companies can charge you for repairs that are not necessary and which may not have been made in the first place.  They may also do shoddy work and leave you with even more repair bills down the road.  It’s always good to know how roof leak detection is carried out and how to choose the best company for the work you need.

How is roof leak detection carried out?

A roof leak repair should not include just a cursory inspection.  You need a company that will handle your roof leak detection properly by doing a thorough inspection of the roof to find the leak at its source.  This may be loose or missing roofing tiles, tar paper that needs replacing, actual holes.  A professional company handling your roof leak needs to trace the source of the leak and they may do this visually or by using various instrument.

Roof leak repair also means repairing the entire area around the leak, not just where water is concentrated.  Often roofing paper becomes corroded and needs to be replaced when there is a leak or water build-up; if it’s not replaced this can cause it to shred and you will see more leaks down the road.

Hiring a company that specialises in flat roof leak repair will help to ensure you are hiring the best.  Check their experience and note on their website other customers they’ve had, and do some research to note if there have been any complaints filed or lodges about their company.  A flat roof is different than other types of roofs, so you want to hire a company that has experience with these types of repairs and the work that is needed.

UK based roof leak detection companies.

Consider two UK based roof leak detection and repair experts you may want to consider when you need flat roof leak repair services.

Abbey Roofing

60 Leys Road

Hemel Hempstead



0800 2 118 247

07958 903187

01442 380493

Flat Roof Recovery

216 The Street,

Boughton, Faversham, ME13 9AL‎

01227 750 192

07895 608 079