Leak Detection and Damp Surveyors / Proofing Companies In London

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If you feel you have rising damp in your home or business, you need the best damp proofing companies in London to assist. A damp survey in London should be thorough and complete and find the cause of rising damp or condensation. The right damp specialist in London will ensure your home or property is protected and that you avoid costly repairs down the road. Damp and condensation can cause mould build-up which in turn can literally eat away at your home’s building materials. This build-up can cost thousands to repair and can also be very hazardous to your health. This is why London damp proofing is so important when you suspect any type of damp or excess hydration and condensation in the home.

Why Does London Suffer Badly From Damp and Water Leak Problems?

One reason that it’s often damp in London is that the weather is very humid and there is lots of rain, year-round. This causes excess moisture and condensation in homes, which is why you may need damp surveyors in London no matter your location or type of property. When the weather is humid and damp, your home will be humid and damp. A lack of sunlight also means that hydration in the air is not dried up as it would be in other areas.

Many homes and businesses are also very old and suffer from leaking pipes as well as a lack of insulation against damp that comes in through foundations as well as through old windows with poor seals. Older plumbing may mean poor connections and foundations that hundreds of years old may start to crack and develop leaks which will allow damp to build up in a home.

London’s Leading Damp Specialists

London Damp Specialists is one of London’s leading damp proofing and surveying companies. Based in London as well as the Surrey/Kent areas, they will provide you with a complete inspection to find the cause of your damp and condensation and give you a quote on the work needed. Contact them at 07984 712 428, or 020 8401 1300, or visit them online at http://www.southlondondampproofing.com/.

Damp Proofing London is another company to consider. They provide services against damp proofing, rising damp, condensation, water leaks, and rotting wood. They guarantee their work and can provide many testimonials from satisfied customers. Contact them at 077 0908 4010 or 020 8378 0089, or visit their website at http://www.dampproofinglondon.co.uk/index.html.

London’s Leading Water Leak Detection Company

ADI Leak Detection is London’s leading provider of leak detection services. Rising damp is often caused by leaking pipes and water leakage through basement or cellar walls, and this should be addressed quickly. For the best damp specialist in London, call on ADI. Their thermal imaging and snake cameras or thermograph images will help to pinpoint the cause of leaks and keep them capped off, and can also tell you if you have damage to building materials behind walls. Visit their website at http://adileakdetectionlondon.co.uk/ or call them at 0800 731 3843.