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Caravan Damp – Detecting & Dealing With Damp in Caravans

It’s important to deal with a damp caravan as quickly as possible. Because the space is so small and because mould growth can damage the materials from which it’s made, caravan damp repairs are not to be put off. Testing can be done on your own or you may need to consult a professional to find areas of repair needed.

Detecting Damp in Caravans

You may notice caravan damp spots when you use your caravan, and this can tell you if you need repairs or cleaning. It’s also good to consider looking for damp in caravans after each use, especially if you’ve used it in a very humid or tropical area or have tracked mud and moisture back into the caravan. Cracks and loose screws can allow moisture to build up, so note these areas which may be of special concern.

A good caravan damp tester can also be used to find damp in caravans and note if repairs are needed. Typically this will work around the roof and dark corners of the caravan, and in the underside if it has storage in this area. If your caravan does not come with a damp detector, you can easily find one online and install it yourself.

Caravan Damp Repairs

In some cases the caravan may need to be completely stripped down so that the damp in caravans can be repaired. Panels may need to be replaced after areas are cleaned. Small parts may also need to be replaced, if screws have become loose and have allowed moisture to seep in.

Larger caravan damp repairs should not be made on your own since the caravan may need some disassembling for proper repairs. Small caravan damp repair may include a wipe down of affected areas and a dehumidifier may be purchased to keep it in good repair.

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